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Latest Ben Ball Warrior: Tyler Honeycutt


Tyler Honeycutt, UCLA's big wing target for the 2009 class, who recently was ranked the 21st best player in the nation for 2009 by, verbally commmitted to UCLA today...


Dohn has a rather amusing side note to the commitment:

"He has committed to UCLA," his mother, Lisa Stazel said. "He just called (USC coach) Tim Floyd to tell him."


Note the pointer re rebounding and defense in the LA Times story (HT bruinbabe2000):

Howland and his top assistants, who are prohibited by NCAA rules to comment about Honeycutt until he officially signs, closely followed the player's progress during a club tournament last July in Las Vegas and were convinced of the impact he can make. Despite his size, Honeycutt can shoot three-pointers as if he were a guard and he has improved his rebounding and defense.

Rebounding and defense ... music to Bruin Nation.

Welcome to Westwood, Tyler.