Updated Predictions?

I know, I know, predictions are meaningless... but they are also fun.  Given last night's stunner against Tennessee, what are your [updated] predictions for this season?

This is shaping up to be a very exciting season, even more so than I had originally anticipated (and I must say, I was expecting a lot of fireworks under CRN). 

Here are some new of the new factors to consider:

1) Craft may have a tendency to start off shakey, but once he settles down, he's pretty darn efficient.  We've yet to see him throw a good long pass. 

2) Our offensive line holds up reasonably well.  Better than most people expected.

3) Key injuries to Bell, Paulsen, and Everett.

4) We've seen our defense get tired from playing extended minutes, but they know how to dig deep and get the job done.

5) The world is on notice... the bruins just took down a ranked team.

There are several other factors, but those are the immediate ones that jump to mind. 

That said, my new prediction is: 8 wins.  Yes, that's pretty high, but what can I say?  I'm high on my bruins right now.  I believe.

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