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PB Unleashed: Arizona Open Thread

I have been waiting for this … well since the end of last game.

We have had a week to nurse over our wounds from last Saturday’s humiliation. It doesn’t get any easier today when the Bruins return to the Rose Bowl take on another desperate Arizona team that will be fighting for Mike Stoop’s job, who is still looking to get his program going in his 5th season at Tucson.

Bruins are banged up. We have gone on and on about our issues re. talent, experience on both sides of the ball. Yet, we know they will have a chance if they show the same fight, they did in their last game at home:


Photo Credit: section3 2008 bruins's photostream (flickr)
Let’s hope the true-blue, die hard fans who show up today, fire them up to bounce back as underdogs.

The kickoff time is scheduled for 12:00 pm PST on FSN.

If you need to get caught up on all of our notes concerning this game from this game week, you can do so by going here. Also you can click on the links below under "Related Item" for updated game stats and track the game via UCLA's official site and the WWL.

So let's go ladies and gentleman. Time to get started with another game thread filled with our passion buckets.

Fire away.