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Dose of Reality: Personnel Deficiencies

Another game, another week and once again Neuheisel's Bruins were out manned and outgunned, losing to a more talented team with explosive fire power.

Bruins gave it a good shot and they certainly gave a great effort:


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Gus Ruelas (via ESPN)

However, they had no answer for the explosive combination of Tutitama, Thomas, Gronkowski, and Grigsby. Bruins fall by a score of 10-31. Here is the box score and AP recap.

On the bad side our offensive continues to remain ineffective. Special teams was a nightmare and the defense still had issues with tackling at times.

On the positive side we saw some improved play from our OL. Coleman made a nice impression and Walker's defense gave a great effort despite having to deal with short field.

Right now, we have no choice but to remain patient. As Papadakis noted during the broadcast our biggest issue right now is "personel deficiencies" on both sides of the ball. And it will take Neuheisel and his coaches a while to turn this thing around as Papadakis put it, "Dorrell didn't leave Neuheisel a lot to work with."

We gave it a best effort, but we simply didn't have the ammo. For now though we have to stay patient, take these losses (just like we did during Howland's first two years ... and note it will take longer to turn around a football program), and take this game by game. We don't have a lot of other choice.

Chin up and hang in there. And of course use this thread to fire away with your post game thoughts.