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UCLA Magazine on Men's Soccer

There's been some discussion on Bruins Nation lately about the men's soccer program.

The current issue of UCLA Magazine has a feature on the team.

Here is a quote:

If you ask Head Coach Jorge Salcedo '02, himself once a member of the UCLA men's soccer team and a former player in America's pro league, Major League Soccer (MLS), he'll tell you he completely understands UCLA's allure — the renowned academics, the beauty of the campus, the city surroundings, the weather. But he also believes that the coaching staff has a lot to offer to the athletes.

"I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't put a team out there that could compete to win a national championship," Salcedo says. "But I am also a very big believer that college coaches are enablers of young human beings, and that we have a big influence on how they impact society.



Photo of goalie Brian Perk