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Fresno State-UCLA: Pregame Guesses Volume IV

The Arizona results are here, along with an explanation of where the guessing game stands and the moment.

Hope you don't come after me with pitchforks and torches, but like the Bruins offensive line, the guessing game is a work in progress.

Keep making guesses and we'll sort it all out.

Note to newcomers: After three weeks, just about no one is winning -- there is still plenty of time to start playing. If nothing else, putting in your guesses gives you something to do instead of looking at the scoreboard.


So, the Fresno State situation.

I'm really tempted to do an attendance guess or maybe a "How many DUI arrests will the California Highway Patrol make between Pasadena and Fresno this weekend" but I won't.

I won't because Dan Guerrero promised to stop begging rival fans to come to the Rose Bowl to root for the other team. This, of course, ruins the "Turn the Bowl Orange" fesitvities planned for the Oregon State visit, but the Beavers never travel all that well anyhow.

No, this week's questions will reflect my unrelenting pessimism positiveness and my firm belief that this is the week the UCLA offense scores a touchdown.

Here are your pregame guesses for Fresno State. (Remember, the thread closes 30 minutes before kick-off):

How many yards will Khalil Bell gain on the ground (within 10)?

How many passes will be caught by Bruin tight ends (that's Moya + Harkey)?

How many points will Kai Forbath score this week?