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Kenny's Trojans About To Lose Another Recruit?

No wonder Kenny was yappin earlier in the week. We have already heard about the waivering from Trojan recruit DeVon Flournoy. Looks like another Trojan elite recruit -Randall Carroll - might be getting ready to jump as well. From,'s Florida site (emphasis added):

Barring a miracle, USC can cross off a five-star recruit from its projected 2009 recruiting class. Sources say there is a 1 in 100 shot that Los Angeles Cathedral wide receiver Randall Carroll remains committed to the Trojans. Carroll, who committed to USC in September 2007, has soured on the Trojans to the point where there is little to no chance he suits up for Pete Carroll and company.

Carroll, the fastest player in the state of California, already taken taken an official visit to Cal and has officials set with UCLA, Arizona State and Tennessee, and is likely to take one to Florida. Carroll will go to UCLA on Jan. 9, to Arizona State on Jan. 23 and to Tennessee on Jan. 30. He wanted to take an official to Florida on Jan. 16 but that hasn't been scheduled yet. If he can't set his visit for Florida that weekend, he likely won't be able to take the trip. He will not visit USC again.

So who is likely to land the 5-foot-11, 175-pound speedster? Right now, Cal is in the lead and wants Carroll to come in and become the next DeSean Jackson. UCLA has the best chance to unseat Cal, followed by Florida, Tennessee and Arizona State.

Carroll remains a commitment to USC on the advice of his mom, but there seems to be little doubt that he will sign with someone else. One of the sticking points is that he hears different things from different USC coaches and his position has not been settled. Randall doesn't care if he plays wide receiver or cornerback in college, but he reportedly is tiring of USC's mixed messages on that point and others.

Mixed/insincere messages from Southern Cal? Shocking!

I think UCLA is in a uphill climb here going up against Florida which always puts a premium on speed. Cal is in the driver's seat as mentioned by the report because of the way Tedford featured the speed of Desean Jackson in his offense. Still we will have a shot with CRN leading the recruiting charge and add to the fact that he is close with his cousin Jonthan "Jet Ski" Franklin.

The most important part of this story is something is happening over at South Central. We haven't seen those guys getting outhustled and outworked on the recruiting front in a while. Kenny and Petey are clearly feeling the pressure from CRN on the home front, while fighting off other programs around the country. Even if Carroll doesn't commit to UCLA it will be a plus situation for the Bruins, if he commits to somewhere else but Southern Cal.