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Ben Ball Warriors Gut Out Another Fearless Conquest

Another year.

Another conquest for Ben Ball warriors at Pauley East also known around these parts as the Costco Center as the Bruins pull out a heart stopping win by a score of 64-60.

It started off so perfect. The Ben Ball warriors came out and blitzed Timmeh's "Gap Closers" with long bombs and attacking the rim. Then when the Trojans 40 year old senior picked up his 3rd foul early in the first half, things were looking very good for our Bruins.

Then Hackett pulled out his classic South American soccer player trick, acting like a baby over a harmless move from DG which sent Timmeh into one his annual tantrums. Trojies got a little fired up, Bruins fell into their barn cat/house cat routine, and things started looking really good for the Trojies when they took a 5 pt lead in the second half.

So what happened next. Classic Ben Ball defense took over. Ben Ball warriors locked down on the defensive end and got some classic performance on the offensive side from JS, ND (yes, ND who was fearless), and of course DC. Add to that JH's coming out party on the defensive side as he completely throttled Derozan down the stretch, chalk it up another win for Ben Ball warriors in Pauley East:


Photo Credit: Harry How/Getty Images

Here is the box score and the AP recap.

Again, it wasn't a pretty win but considering the circumstances I will happily take it. We have lot of work to do on the defensive end. We still have to work on securing our rebounds. Yet, it feels good to know our guys can still LOCK IT DOWN when it counts. We will have more on this game later on.

For now we will leave it up to you to enjoy another routine against Timmeh's eternal "Gap Closers".

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