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Spaulding Roundup: Good Luck To Hasiak & Welcome Back ATV

I know folks are justifiably a little bummed about the news of Hasiak decommitting today. It wasn't a surprise even though coaches were confident about holding on to him for the stretch run. I always thought it was going to be difficult to fend off Cal given all the recent success that program has had in producing NFL caliber OL. Also, as we already noted in the comment threads by all accounts Hasiak is fully qualified. So please don't disparage this kid for reaching any decisions now (or on the final one signing day) by resorting to the automated academic excuse whenever there is a Cal-UCLA recruit blowup. We have had a lot of discussion about it on BN and we have yet to see definitive proof that UCLA does have a higher standard than Cal Bears (if anyone has it or can make a convincing argument about it would love to hear those thoughts in a separate post). For now we should wish this kid good luck in whatever his final decision turns out to be. If it is Cal so be it. Here is to him having a successful career Berkeley.

In any event, we are still few weeks away from the signing day and given the energy and effort we have seen from Neuheisel and his staff it's a good bet they are going to be fighting away till the very end. We just have to deal with today's short term set back just like we dealt following the setbacks on the recruiting front this past summer. Recruiting is always a roller coaster. We just have to be even keeled about it.

Meanwhile wanted to make sure this bit of big news IMHO didn't go unnoticed. ATV made it official:

UCLA cornerback Alterraun Verner said today he will return for his senior season, making the decision official two days before the NFL deadline to declare for the draft.

Verner said he reached the decision after speaking with his family this weekend.

"It was close," Verner said. "I said before I was 50-50, and I really was. I felt I was partly ready to go to the next level, but I'm coming back."

Verner, who led the nation in passes defended at 1.67 per game, said feedback from the NFL led to his return

Having ATV along with Reggier Carter (who announced over the weekend that he was returing as well) will be a huge boost for our defense next year. Their senior leadership will be invaluable in anchoring a young defense that really developed towards the end of the season.