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Bruins In The Superbowl

Three Bruins are in the big game:

Matt Ware, who started at cornerback for the Bruins for three years (2001 - 2003), is a reserve cornerback for the NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals. This will be Ware's second Super Bowl, having played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005.

Travis Kirschke and Bruce Davis are members of the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Kirschke, who was a starting defensive tackle during his four-year UCLA career (1993-96), is a reserve defensive lineman for the Steelers. He also played in Super Bowl XL (2006) for Pittsburgh. Davis, who earned All-America honors as a defensive end for the Bruins a year ago, is a reserve linebacker who played in a few games in 2008.

UCLA will have at least one player in the Super Bowl for the 28th time in 30 years. Beginning with Super Bowl XIV (1980), only the games in 2000 and 2008 did not have at least one Bruin on a team roster.

In Super Bowl XXVII (1993), eight Bruins were featured in the contest, including five on the champion Dallas Cowboys and three on the Buffalo Bills.

I have no idea how many of you follow the Steelers or the Cardinals, but if you want to get the lowdown on these two teams make sure to check out Behind the Steel Curtain and Revenge of the Birds, two SBN blogs doing great job staying on top of those teams.

Good luck to Matt, Travis, and Bruce in the big game.