@ Oregon State Video Highlights

A couple of JH highlights to start off:

Nice dunk and even nicer offensive rebound and assist. We've seen flashes of JH's athleticism and I almost feel like Holiday is pacing himself so that he'll peak at the right time (March).

(More highlights follow)

Three-pointer of the game:

Is DC auditioning with that NBA-range three pointer?

Quote of the post-game show:

As Nestor referenced in his post-game piece, it does seem that Tracy Murray channels BN with his "Ben Ball Warriors" remark at the beginning of FSN's Bruins Live show.

Full game highlights:

Good start of conference play. Giving opponents concern about sticking with the zone, but not leaving them much option. Sloppiness in the second half keeps our guys humble and listening to CBH as he hones them into tournament shape.

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