Last Year in Seattle

The Bruins haven't won in Seattle over the last four seasons and one senior in particular might have an extra motivating factor in wanting to get the win against the Huskies today. Alfred Aboya's memory of last year's game is rather painful.

In one memorable play, the Huskies' Tim Morris averted a five-second violation by bouncing the ball out of bounds off UCLA center Alfred Aboya's face.

Not gonna dwell on the controversy following that play. Rather, Aboya showed his toughness then, shaking off the blow, and this year he has enough reason to want the win:

"I'm aware that I've never won there, and I want to win so bad," Aboya said.

We all know it's gonna be tough; let's see how our Bruins respond.

For those of you that forgot or have not seen the play, video replay follows.

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