Fouled up and bloodied in Seattle

The Huskies had an incomprehensible 43-15 edge over the Bruins on free-throw attempts that added up to a 26-point differential (36-10 free-throws made). Maybe we weren't as aggressive to the rim as they were, but a few of the fouls were just blatant mistakes by our lovable SPTRs. Perhaps the worst one occurred with 5:42 to play and our Bruins down by one point at 66-67.

Following that bogus call on DC, the Huskies went on a 12-0 run to put the game away.

I'm not putting the whole game on the SPTRs, as we still had our chances down the stretch. However, officiating in this game was ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Alfred Aboya will not have any good memories of Seattle. Last season he gets a ball slammed into his face. This season he gets a blow to the forehead from Brockman's elbow.

Seems apropos as our pride and psyche has been bloodied with this disappointing loss. Let's see how we bounce back. Interestingly, last season we rebounded from a 71-61 loss in Seattle with a 14-game win streak into the Final Four.

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