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Did The Officials T Up Aboya For His "African Accent"?

The LA Times has this report on AA2 getting his first techincal of his entire freaking career (emphasis added)

The Bruins were leading by three points and had stopped Washington on defense. But then Aboya leaned over fallen Huskies guard Venoy Overton.

"I told him to stop flopping because he always flops," Aboya said. "And I tried to help him up."

The officials called taunting. Washington got two foul shots and possession of the ball, and began to take control of the game.

Afterward, Overton still wasn't sure exactly what had transpired between him and the UCLA center from Cameroon.

"He's got a little accent. He's from Africa," Overton said. "So I couldn't understand what he was saying."

And here was Coach Howland's take on the bizarre situation which turned out to be one of the key turning point in the second half:

"I'm sure it was just misread by the official because he's not the kind of kid that would taunt anybody,'' Howland said. "That's just not in his nature. Al said he went to pick the kid up and the official said, 'No, he never leaned over to help him up and he got right in his face and taunted him.'
"Just knowing Al for four years, I'd be surprised.''

Just think about it for a second. We are talking about the same kid who acted with nothing but class after being subjected to one of the most brutal cheapshots in recent history of Pac-10 basketball.

Pac-10 is lucky because it is a conference featuing a number of wonderful schools with unmatched athletic programs. It's too bad it is constantly let down with an incompetent group of administrative officials from top to bottom turning the conference into a but off jokes around the country.

I wonder if the officiating crew will have the guts to spell out exactly what they thought AA2 had said that merited that techincal. I guess I will not hold my breath considering the track record of these incompetent officials from probably the worst managed major conference in today's college athletics.

You know someone like Coach Howland has too much class to think out his thoughts on these clowns out loud, but we can certainly speak up.