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Coach Carnell Lake had this to say about this recruiting as a Bruin football coach in high schools in Los Angeles:

"First thing I'm going to do is get on the phone and start developing relationships with the high schools and the coaching staff at these various high schools, just to let them know that I'm on the staff, that I'm here and that my phone line is always available to them.
"I don't have to sell (UCLA) because I lived it and I know that the student-athletes that are looking to make an early impact on a budding football program, UCLA is the place for them and it is an inspiring environment. There is no question about it.
"When I was there, I would just take a jog around Westwood or Bel-Air or sit in the Powell Library and dream big, and UCLA has all the resources of support to make those dreams a reality."

We won't get into comparisons between the surroundings of UCLA and the one around you know who.

Let's just say Petey's Poodle rant around about 10 year old recruiting stories in Colorado all he wants (while completely ignoring what's taking place under his own head coach) he will never be able to sell Southern Cal. No matter how much he tapes up his fingers and jump around the sidelines like a raving lunatic he will never be part of Petey's Trojan family because he didn't "live it" as a student.

It's pretty clear to me from Lake's comments what CRN is building in Westwood. He is bringing in who not only will be committed to his program for the long term (instead of eyeballing job openings that pops up in the newswire like typical college assistant coaches) but also share his sentiment concerning the four letters in front of their uniforms.