SUC Runs it Up

Pat Forde of ESPN wrote a good column the other day as to how and why running up the score (although, supposedly, not a factor in the BCS computer mishmash) pays off.  Here is the link.

The entire column is good and is worth reading but this excerpt caught my eye (emphasis added):

Of the teams that finished the regular season in The Associated Press top five, only Alabama scored a smaller percentage of its points in the fourth quarter than Oklahoma -- the Crimson Tide scored 12.9 percent of their points in the final 15 minutes, Oklahoma 13.3 percent. Texas, whose fans were maddest at the Sooners because of their down-to-the-wire battle for a BCS berth, scored 21.8 percent of its points in the fourth quarter. Florida: 22.8 percent. And USC was the team most likely to pad its margin late at 23.6 percent.

The above except has nothing to do with SUC's defense (which was, admittedly, excellent).  This has to do with padding the score when the game is nearly over and when it serves no purpose with respect to winning the game.  Read the column and check out the examples of other teams which do this.

Running up the score shows a lack of class.  Period.

The morons who worship at the altar of The Humanitarian won't let these or other facts confuse them.  But this does say something as to the character of Petey and of the mindset across town.

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