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Let's Grow The Westbrook Legend: VOTE for Russell

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Let’s see. RW was just named the NBA Rookie of the Month.

All those sick dunks we got so accustomed to in Westwood:

UCLA's Russell Westbrook dunk (via hawk10101)

Russell Westbrook Shares His Get-Out-And-Vote Song (via NBA)

Same stuff now popping up all over the NBA youtube reels.

Tydides noted how he is also shining on the defensive side just like other Ben Ball warriors who jumped to the draft this past season.

BruinGold82 noted today how RW is now starting to get serious consideration as possible ROY.

So, what else can we all do to take the RW hype to whole another level?

Easy. Vote for RW so that we can get him into the 2009 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. He is asking singing for your vote:

Russell Westbrook Shares His Get-Out-And-Vote Song (via NBA)

So please vote now, vote early and vote often.

Let RW dunk!