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Inaugural BN Podcast Open Thread

It's here! It's the inaugural BruinsNation podcast! Set to begin at 6 pm PDT, it will recap the Bruins' first three games, then shift focus to this Saturday's game versus Stanford. ucla13_usc9 and I will discuss it all in the first podcast of what will become a weekly series. We'll have a guest, s. andrew, joining us to speak about the Cardinal so you Bruins can be prepared for our opponent come kick off on Saturday.

The podcast will be available to listen to live at 6 pm PDT and we will be on both the talkshoe chatroom and here on this open thread so you can send it in questions or comments and we'll do our best to work them into the show. If you can't get in here at 6 pm PDT, you can listen to the podcast whenever you'd like afterwards either via talkshoe or on iTunes, where we will post the podcast so you can take a piece on BN with you on your iPod.

As I mentioned earlier, this is very much a work in progress so bear with us and let us know what you think. We want your immediate feedback as well as anything you'd have to say later. This is your podcast so lets us know what you want. Now, turn the volume up and enjoy. BN now has audio, but we're still connected to the BN mothership so be sure to chime in through the 30-45 minutes and we'll do our best to work in what we can.