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BN Gameday: Oregon Pregame Thread

<em>Here is to a big day for Pick 6. Photo Credit: Telemachus</em>
Here is to a big day for Pick 6. Photo Credit: Telemachus

A number of interesting games to take note of before we get set for our kickoff (and game thread) against the Ducks. Here is the WWL scoreboard which has the updates on games around the country including Auburn-Arkansas, Oklahoma State- Texas A&M, and Kentucky-USC.

The Hogs are off to a fast start against number 17 and undefeated Auburn. They are blitzing the Tigers 20-3. Oklahoma State without their star wide receiver (who was penalized earlier this week by an impotent/pathetic NCAA for committing a violation not as serious as any of the allegations concerning U$C*) is up against the Aggies by a score of 7-0.  Another game of interest (at least for me) on ESPN2 the wackie Gophers (who are always entertaining to watch) are leading the Boilermakers by a score of 14-13. Interestingly Purdue took the Ducks to wire in Eugene.

Also, the early score between 4-0 and ranked (number 16) Kansas and Iowa State (3-2) is interesting. It's tied up 6-6 out in Lawrence. Why am I keeping track of this score? Well Iowa State barely lost to ... Kansas State the weekend before in Kansas City. Just interesting to take note of. That's all.

What games are you watching. Fire up your musings, observations, here in our pre-game thread.