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BN Gameday: Oregon Second Half Thread

<em>Kevin getting back in sync today. Photo Credit: Telemachus</em>
Kevin getting back in sync today. Photo Credit: Telemachus

Well our offense looks definitely a little better with Kevin Prince at charge. Even though Prince started very rusty he got in rhythm and had our offense driving through a solid Ducks defense. Bruins are up by a score of 3-0 but they should have had at least 7 more points. They had a 1st and goal near the Ducks 1 yard line but came up short after a vanilla sequence at the goal line.

Still our defense is holding up well and playing solid against a great Oregon offense. Our kickers have been dynamite (nothing new there) and special teams have been solid (even though we need lot more out of Austin). As mentioned above with Prince our offense is moving the ball and dominating the time of possession by more than 2 to 1. Here is the box score. The most exciting player from first half on offense has been Damien Thigpen looking like a total BLUR that he is, while on defense Prince, Ayers and generally the whole unit is playing solid. So far.

Oregon gets the ball to start the second. Let's hope our D can maintain its momentum and the offense can finally break through. Let's get the second half thread started.