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BN Gameday: California Second Quarter Open Thread

<em>Can the Bruins make a charge. No clue. Photo Credit: Telemachus</em>
Can the Bruins make a charge. No clue. Photo Credit: Telemachus

Well forgive me if I am a little cranky this afternoon. We heard all week about how the Bruins need to come out and play a complete game. Well they look completely unprepared at the outset and fell behind by a score of 0-14.

They have fought back and close the gape to 14-21 (boxscore). However, it is getting very tiring to see our D waiting too long to react instead of attacking out of the gate. Our offense looks ok because of Jet Ski. However, Prince needs to play lot better than he has. His passes are not looking very crisp. Oh I have no idea why Terrence Austin is still returning kicks (perhaps he will make me eat crow after I type this but I am not hopeful).

We will see if the Bruins can come back in this game to take the lead. Right now though I am weary and not sure whether we have a team that can seize momentum when presented with opportunities. Guess we will find out soon.

Let's keep it going in our over flow thread.