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Jahvid Best's Cal' Bears Embarrassing UCLA At The Rose Bowl

There is still an entire half to play. However, I am not sure I have to wait till the game is over to write up our post game thread.Cal Bears are demolishing Rick Neuheisel's Bruins by a score of 35-20. It probably will be lot worse by the time the game is over because it looks like Jahvid Best, Shane Vareen and co are just getting cranked up.

Bruins came out today looking unfocused, unprepared and completely out of it from pretty much all facets of the game. Sure they had some good moments on defense and some big plays on offense but they look like a team that not only has not been able to improve from last two week's losses, they now appear to be a team that have substantially regressed since that big win in Tennessee.

Bears have already piled up over 327 yards of offense, destroying a boring, conventional and predictable Chuck Bullough defense. Meanwhile, speaking of conventional what else to say about this offense. Well they have shown a pulse and some signs of life with scoring runs including a huge play from Jet Ski. But we are still settling for FGs and Prince doesn't look steady. But hey ... Forbath is still on track to be an All American!!!! We are scoring 3s to answer their 7s. Here is the box score if you want to take a look.

We were all excited about Rick Neuheisel taking over in Westwood because we thought we were going to get a coach who is aggressive and is always playing to win. Well I am not sure how else to read the signal he gave rest of his offense when he settled for a FG while just couple of yards away from 4 shots at a TD.

Sure we have young players who are inexperienced and are learning to win. However, from what we have seen this afternoon, for the first time I have real doubts in mind in terms of whether we have proper schemes in place, whether our coaches are building the right foundation, and whether they are coaching up our guys with a hunger to win.

This might as well be our post game thread. Not sure if I will puut up another post game thread unless Bruins come back to win this game. I really hope this post looks silly after next 30 mins. However, the way Neuheisel coached Bruins have played this past 30 mins and in last two weeks right now you tell me whether I should have any sense of hope.

Oh and BTW perhaps we should start taking buses to all our road games. Might as well start saving the change to hire some decent assistant coaches at the end of the season.