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Another Frustration Filled Saturday

I wrote in my last post that I was not going to do a post game write up if the Bruins didn't come back. Well the Bruins never came back despite showing weak signs of making a run. But in the interest of creating a fresh thread let's add some quick thoughts following the second half.   We once again tried to make a second half come back but fall short by a score of 45-26.  Here is the box score.

First of all big ups to Jeff Tedford and his California Bears. While we have enough reasons to be frustrated with our team, we have to give credit to Bears for getting it done and finally breaking their LA curse. They made the big plays when it counted. We ... not so much.

Second, there are some silver lining to today's frustrating loss. Our offense finally showed some signs of life in the second half. However, we got burned by the same old story of not being able to convert in the red zone and settling for FGs. It is clear right now that we don't have any play makers on offense. The veterans have not been able to step up (especially at the wide receiver spots) right when our teams needed them most. We are simply not taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

Our defense did redeem themselves a bit in second half doing a better job containing the Cal offense, limiting them to 3 points. Still over here on BN we are not going to celebrate moral victories or get excited about signs of life. What we were looking for today were clear signs that our team was ready to play and fight for the entire 60 minutes. Based on what we saw in the first half the answer was disappointing.

Also, I am not sure right now whether Kevin Prince is the answer for the coming years. He is showing a lot of heart and he probably has a better grasp of the offense. Yet, in the back of mind I am left with wondering what we could have gotten if Brehaut had gotten a shot. I don't really care much for the answers that results would have been frustrating. Because I am not sure how much more frustrating it can get after what we have seen for last three games.

Of course, we are not giving up on the season. Neither are we giving up on the coaches. However, we are going to need some answers very soon if the coaches want to save this season. Let's make it clear. Anything less than an appearance in a bowl game this year will be considered a disappointing season. Hopefully Rick Neuheisel, his coaches and his players are working on the answers. It would be nice if the Bruins play with fire, heart and desire for the entire 60 minutes. They haven't done it since that glorious weekend in Tennessee.