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Steve Lavin Lies So Effortlessly About His UCLA "Experience" As A "Coach"

I don't think we need to expand and lay out why Steve Lavin is a joke (or why we have dubbed him the Blagojevich Of College Hoops) as a "coach" and insult to the legacy of UCLA basketball.   However, what amazes me still is he how can continue to BS and more disturbingly just lie so effortlessly about his time at UCLA.

Case in point check out this cringing interview that just went up on Washington Huskies's Dawg Blog in which Husky senior Quincy Pondexter interviewed the ESPN's in house gasbag clown (guess they are grooming him to be Duke Vitale's heir apparent).

Per the Dawg Blog the inteview "turned into a great 3 1/2 minute segment that had Pondexter and Lavin joking with each other and then coach Lorenzo Romar." The result is something pretty cringe worthy as you might expect:

The Flip Side: Quincy Pondexter Interviews Steve Lavin (via UWAthletics)

Hmm I tried to watch it and then almost threw up at the point when Lavin started BSing how "if he had recruited Pondexter out of Fresno, he still might be working at Westwood."Guess what he actually said with a straight face about why he missed out on recruiting talents such as Poindexter to UCLA :

I always missed out on players ... Too much talent. Not enough scholarships to go around.

Yeah, this is from the same guy who lived Coach Ben Howland with a roster with which he ended up having to give substantial minutes to Janou Roubin, Kon Crispin, Josiah Johnson and Ryan Walcott. Should I even bring up how he was playing "talents" such as Sean Farnham and Rico Hines while wasting NBA talents such as Matt Barnes on the bench?

Yet he is out there BSing about missing out on players because he didn't have enough scholarships to recruit talent into Westwood. Just how pathologically shameless an individual can get? I don't get why a scumbag like this fraud is sometimes allowed near functions associated with UCLA or even back inside Pauley.