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Duel in the Desert: BN Podcast Open Thread

Ugh. Three straight losses is not remotely fun and a trip to Tucson to take on a good Arizona team won't help. The Bruins have a chance though and we'll talk about this Saturday's game in tonight's podcast at 7 pm PDT. We'll give you guys our thoughts on the game and bring in SoCalStites from SB Nation's Arizona blog, AZ Desert Swarm to discuss the Wildcats. Before we preview Saturday's game though, we'll recap last week's game versus Cal. We'll break down what went wrong, what we did right and where the program stands.

Join us tonight and share your thoughts. You can submit questions in this open thread that we'll do our best to address or ask SoCalStites. Also, if you have comments, let us know them so Josh and I can talk about it. You guys have your chance to steer the podcast in the direction you want so join in.