Someone Please Bail Me Out

The last 3 losses are on me.

I know, we can defer the blame on play calling, bad D, stupid penalties.

But, I know better. For the last three games, I've tainted my mojo and caused my team to lose.

My rituals? I put a picture of my Dad in a comfy seat beside me. I tune in the game, and join the thread. I wear Bruin gear. I have a key chain that plays the fight song which I play at great moments to fire the team up. I move the keychain around either in my hands or, if we need momentum changes, I move it somewhere near me. I make my adjustments just like the coaches do.

For the last three weeks, Jen's HS games have conflicted with our games and I've abandoned my alma mater for my daughter -- the right choice but with terrible consequences for my Bruins.

I've not run rituals or been on the game day thread.

And, today, I will do the same thing. Jen's game starts at 6:00 CDT.

So, I am calling on all of my Bruin brothers and sisters to kick up their mojo to cover for the disappearance of mine.

If you bake, bake. If you drink, down one for me. If you spin in circles, can you do a circle for me?

Maybe a group ritual would work. Maybe we should share some here so we can expand the energy.

We will need mojo, today. I'll try to figure out a way to make a "location" contribution.

But, I need the rest of you to bail me out and to make up for my absence.


PS. Part of my ritual is to NOT look at the score before I watch the game on DVR. I don't want to mess up all the good work you are doing. I'll join in, after watching the DVR and then reading the threads.

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