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BN Gameday: Arizona Open Thread

<em>Photo Credit: Telemachus</em>
Photo Credit: Telemachus

I have tried all the mojo stuff last two weekend. Wore my lucky shirts. Went to the brunch places that seem to serve as our good luck charm. None of it worked. Also, over the years for game threads on the road I have been using pictures from road trips. None of that worked either.

So what the heck shaking things up just a bit. Didn't go to the usual Saturday brunch place. Not going to wear my "lucky" shirt. I am going to go ahead and use Tele's picture from last weekend's home game capturing the last time we made it into endzone. We are going to need lot more of that today.

Kickoff is slated for 3:30 p.m. on FS Prime Ticket in the Los Angeles area with Steve Physioc and James Washington (Courtney Jones - sidelines) calling the action. I know insomniaclounge and many others don't like James but hey at least he is better luck than David Norrie (wait I just wrote mojo stuff doesn't matter). Anyway, you can follow the game online via the official site and WWL.

Also, I am going to stay off the game thread today because being in it hasn't really helped last few weeks. So it's all up to you. Let's see if we can bail out Classof66 today. Fire away.