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BN Gameday: Arizona Second Half Thread

Well. It could have been lot worse. UCLA is down in the desert by a score of 3-13 (should have been 14 as Arizona missed an extra point). Here is the box score. The game in reality hasn't been that close.

Arizona's spread offense has been moving up and down pretty effortlessly against Chuck Bullough's conservative defense. They have already rolled up 260 yards of offense. Except for 3 great interceptions (Moore with 2 of them and Jerzy with a great pick) our defense hasn't done much stop Foles and co. Interestingly 2 of those picks came when defense ... wait for it ... exerted some pressure with blitzes.

As for our offense we look ineffective. While we did a decent job of moving the ball here and there we are killing ourselves with the same old story. We are making stupid mistakes in key situations. We are jumping offsides, holding at the OL, not executing when the game is on the line. Sure the refs are being typical SPTRs but we have to play through it.

Not sure how the second half will turn out. I'd like to be positive and think somehow we are in the game. But we need a sense of aggression and purpose from our team. Hopefully we will see it in the second half. I will be around the threads in the second half. However, it will be rye carrying us into our post game thread.

We are not going away anywhere. We are going be with our team till the final play. Carry on.