Re. Randalll Carroll's Tweet Directing At Norm Chow - The Real Story Is The Trojan Times

Didn't see the story until it popped up in our game thread. If folks are wondering here is the tweet Randall Carroll posted on his account

@driley4 man oregon, stanford, and cal should have been easy wins ,, but shyt thys nigga norm chow dnt be trustin us ,, so it is what it is8:39 PM Oct 22nd

The tweet has been erased. The tweet came from someone from an usename titled "OCiAM" who is infact Randal as he has the nickname ("Out of Control"). driely4 is La Cañada St. Francis High running back Dietrich Riley, who UCLA is recruiting along with a number of other schools (including by Chetey's out of control program).

Obviously what Randall did is not kosher. At the very least I believe CRN should be suspending him for 2 games immediately (which again is different than the "run around the practice field" discipline Petey does with his (alleged) thugs).

The hilarious thing to me is for the LAT do such a lengthy story over an ill advised tweet in such a short notice after ignoring years of scandals coming out of Chetey Petey’s cesspool. Again does anyone remember instant headlines on LAT's website whether Chetey Petey's program was out of control when stories wrt to Bush, Jarrett broke out? Of course not. Never mind all the stories over racist facebook scandals and stories after stories filling up the police blotter Not only the Trojan LA Times was clueless and out to lunch, they had their marquee columnists Bill Plashke penning love letters to Chetey Petey about how he had "worked hard to build that rare dynasty that follows the rules."

Just classic for the a**holes in the Trojan Times.


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