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BN Podcast Welcoming Callers, 6 pm PDT Wednesday

Alright guys, we do have a game on Saturday versus Oregon St., but we're going to eschew the interview with a writer from Oregon St. this week. Instead, in addition to our own Arizona game review and Oregon St. game preview, we're going to be taking your calls. Coming off of four straight losses and the controversy surrounding the program in recent weeks, this is as good a time as any to evaluate the state of the 2009 team and the program as a whole. We want to hear your thoughts on the subject so call in, let us know what you think and even take part in a spirited back and forth.

This week's show will be on Wednesday at 6 pm PDT and after the first few minutes reviewing the previous week, we're turning the show over to you guys. To call in, dial (724) 444-7444 and when prompted, enter the entry code 65238. Please, please give us some calls and let us know what you think. You've been listening to Josh and I go on our rambles for weeks now so this is your chance to get in on the action.

What did you think about Arizona? What do you think about the quarterback situation? Is the program heading in the right direction? Is the frustration and calls for changes warranted? Are people overreacting? Do we have a chance versus Oregon St.? Anything you want to talk about that's UCLA football related is on the table for you. Remember, Wednesday at 6 pm PDT.