Examples Of When A Freshman Beat Reporter Tries Too Hard ...

... and ends up writing a really lame article.

The first few grafs of Jon Gold's profile on Rahim Moore will make you cringe:

Pac-10 quarterbacks, watch out.

If Rahim Moore gives you that look - that deep, longing, alluring, penetrating, soul-piercing, heart-tugging look - be afraid. Be very afraid.

It means he's looking you directly in the eyes, almost through them. It means Moore knows something you don't. Or, rather, it means he knows everything you do know.

It's the same look he would give Jessica Alba.

"I love her so much and I love quarterbacks," Moore said. "I keep my eye on her and I keep my eye on the quarterback. Anything he does, I'm on it. The way he walks, the way he uses his arms, his windup, I know all that. I tell myself, `That's Jessica Alba, I'm not gonna take my eyes off her.' I like her so much, I'm gonna do all I can to get her.

"And I'm gonna do all I can to get him to throw it to me."

Uh what? You can read rest of the piece here.

"Deep, longing, alluring, penetrating, soul-piercing, heart-tugging?" That kind of writing will make Diane Pucin and Marcia Smith proud. Just needling you a little Gold.

Also, he did a little analysis on UCLA's freshmen in the football team on his blog which was somewhat misplaced. Apparently he had a discussion with Adam Maya (The OC Register UCLA beat reporter who happens to be a Trojan alum) and came up with an idea comparing the depth chart position of Brehaut, Hasiak and Thigpen to that of XSF to make the point that just because XSF has been starting every week, it has resulted in mroe confident production. Of course as his commenters pointed out his analysis was off based because it's not just a matter of freshmen receivers and running backs getting adequate playing time, but it is also about execution when they get in and also making sure they are put in right position to succeed.

Hey I have enjoyed Gold's enthusiasm for his work ever since he took over for Brian Dohn. It's clear he is working his rear end off and doing what he can to bring information. However, I think he needs to throttle back a little at times in terms of his excitement.

Looks like he is going through "growing pains" just like our frosh. Perhaps he can note that on his blog.


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