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BN Gameday: Stanford Pre Game Thread

Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">uclaahy</a>
Photo Credit: uclaahy

We get our first 12:30 ABC game today. So we don't have to wait all afternoon and early evening for kickoff. I can wait till 12:00 pm to put up our game thread. But putting up these pre-game threads have been good mojo here on BN. I don't like messing around with mojo especially when it comes to UCLA. So here we go.

Some decent early games to keep track off anyway. Wisconsin (against Minnesota) and Michigan (against Michigan State) are locked in decent early games as they try to remain undefeated Big-10 teams. Also other decent teams to keep track of are Iowa (coming off a huge win in Happy Valley), Virginia Tech and Alabama. As usual keep track of the scoreboard via WWL here.

So lets ride through this pre game thread till about 30 minutes before the kickoff. Of course don't forget to get your pregame guesses in as we will close that thead when the game one goes up.

Anyway, what games are you watching to get ready for our kickoff? Fire away.