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BN Gameday: Stanford Second Half Thread

Photo Credit: Jim Boofer
Photo Credit: Jim Boofer

Well it could have been lot worse. Bruins are down 6-14 but end the half on a positive note. They throttle a Stanford offense what was manhandling them all afternoon long in Cardinal's last drive and then put on a nice two minute drill to close with 3 (although would have liked them to take a shot in the end zone).

For all the heat he has taken over the years, Craft is playing solid. He has completed 9 for 13 passes for 98 yards, completing passes to 8 different receivers. The problem with our team during first half was our focus. We got killed by stupid penalties on both sides of the ball. Stanford is barreling around with Gerhart and efficient play of Andrew Luck. It seems as if Bullough is coaching a tentative game and waiting to make adjustments. Well time is now.

Anyway, despite Stanford dominating the clock they are only up by 8. Updated box score here.

If we settle down, focus and play smart football, we will have a shot.  Let's fire away.