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Pregame Guesses: Oregon State

Apologies in advance: As I noted in this Fan Post, I'm swamped at work trying to sell caskets to college students. These kids never want to plan ahead.

So, this week's guesses post will be short and sweet.

And that's not a reference to Jacquizz Rodgers.


For the first time all season, I don't feel good about a game.

I wasn't necessarily sure that we would win any other game on the schedule, but I felt we had a pretty good shot.

This one is bugging me a bit.

Oregon State seems tailor made to give us fits, especially with the running of Jacquizz. They routed us last season. They're coming off a loss. We're on the road. It's their homecoming.

That said, we need the win, especially if we're going to reach the 6-6 mark. (At some point, I'd like to bring the "progress" idea up to the top for discussion. I was going to do it in this post, but I realized that I didn't want to miss the discussion with the guesses. So, next week ... )

Score aside, I'm hoping for some small things. I want to see us tackle well. I'd like to see us throw a touchdown pass to a wide receiver. I'd like to see us force some turnovers.

Again, sorry for the brevity -- we'll do more for Washington next week.

Here are the Pregame Guesses for Oregon State:

  1. How many passes will Richard Brehaut attempt?
  2. True or False ... Milton Knox gets more than three carries.
  3. Who will be winning the game after three quarters or will it be tied?