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[Sounds Like] Bruins Wake Up In Corvallis But Lose A Heartbreaker Against Oregon State

It was close and the Bruins had a shot. Bruins fell behind by a score of 0-16 and then clawed their way back in what sounds like an inspiring fourth quarter and tied up the score at 19. Oregon State then leaned on their superstar sophomore running back to get a TD to go by 7 with about 44 second left in the game. Kevin Prince (more on him below) mounted a furious comeback and drove the team down to Oregon State's 27 with just 7 seconds to go but came out shot. The final score was 19-26 in favor of Oregon State. You can get the box score here.

Thanks to everyone in the comment threads who were kind enough to share direct updates from the radio. Thanks to the guys at the Daily Bruin who were tweeting away. From the game thread it sounds like there were number of game deciding moments in the fourth first. Two of them stick out to me. Sounds like ATV had a sure pick 6 which he dropped (again going by the comments from the thread and twitter feeds). Also, few of us will be wondering about the decision to go for 3 when we were near their endzone in the first drive of Q3. I can see the rationale behind the coach's decision to go for 3. However, what troubles me is how we called 3 straight running plays once we got near their goal line. Anyway, at least they came back with a furious effort. So we have that going for us.

We are not going to celebrate moral victories here on BN. However, it is good to hear that our guys didn't give up and fought till the bitter end. Kevin Prince's numbers are impressive on paper. He completed 22 out of 34 passes for 323 yards and threw 2 TDs. I will leave it up to those who were at the game and watch the tape delay to tell us more about his performance. Sounds like he really woke up and came around in second half. Hopefully that will give him some much needed confidence heading into the remaining games. At least for now (from what we have heard and read online) he has ended the quarterback debate in Westwood. Would love to hear more from the folks who were at the game or are watching tape delay on this point. More after the jump.

It also sounds like Rosario had a spectacular game catching 6 passes for 152 yards and a long TD. The question is can he follow up with another consistent performance next weekend? Will this game give him the confidence to emerge as a big time receiver we are all hoping he will turn out to be by the time he is done in Westwood.

Again the question now is how the Bruins will follow up next weekend? Per the radio guys it sounds like the team "came together" in fourth quarter fwiw.  Well the season is not over. We can still win 3 more game and salvage it. From what we have read and heard it sure sounds like the team came together in the fourth quarter. The question now is (as it applied to Rosario and all of our players) if they can keep the fire burning for the entire four quarters next weekend at the Rose Bowl?