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Open Thread & Poll On UCLA's Quarterback Situation Wrt Craft/Brehaut

I have a feeling we are going to be on the topic of QB for a while. It's pretty clear the range of opinion even among the front pagers vary. Ryebreadaz thinks the debate is rather pointless since " coaches have a decent idea of what we have because they’re at practice every day." I can respect that. As I wrote in the comment thread today I will also defer to the expertise of Chow and Neuheisel wrt to QBs. They have access to data points (results from practice during game weeks) which none of us (unless you happen to be coaches, players, and folks with credentials) do. However, as CAJason80 pointed out "if the coaches don’t even trust Craft to throw a ball down field over thirty yards at this point (and it’s painfully obvious from the gameplans that they don’t trust him to do just that), why not put Brehaut in?"

That's the question that is on lot of folks mind. I guess the answer we might get from the coaches will indicate that Brehaut is not ready. However, if that is the case the decision to burn his redshirt year in our first game doesn't make a lot of sense. I know Achilles will also have some thoughts on this he is going to share tomorrow. Looking forward to reading his takes and hearing from Rye as well. Also, we should know in next 48-72 hours whether Kevin Craft will be able to return for Oregon game.

Meanwhile, for now in case you haven't seen it we have a poll question up on the frontpage wrt to QB decision of not playing Brehaut in the Stanford game. You can vote by going here.  If you have more thoughts on it post here in the comment threads and as always put up your extensive analysis on FanPosts.

I respectfully disagree with rye about the discussion being "pointless" for the question Jason articulated in his comments. I think it's more than ok to discuss and talk this out even if we disagree with each other. I think it's a topic that's discussion from all angles. That will be the best for all of us to get a better understanding of the issues involved and make us better informed about our team in the process. That's what this place is for. Right?