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BN Podcast, Take Two (Tuesday, 6:30 pm PDT)

There's plenty to talk about following the Bruins' loss to Stanford. Lucky for us, we have a podcast where we can talk about it. We'll revisit the loss with a quick look at the numbers and initial impressions, then we'll ask if this was really so unexpected, what's the biggest source of concern and what can be improved, plus we'll tackle the "should Brehaut have gotten snaps" question. Oh yeah and that's only the first half of the show.

The second half of the show will focus on Saturday's visit from an Oregon team that's sure riding high. We'll bring jtlight from SBNation's excellent Oregon Ducks website, Addicted to Quack. jtlight will give us some insight into the Oregon squad the Bruins will see on Saturday and give us an idea of how good the Ducks are really playing right now. So check in tomorrow at 6:30 pm PDT and listen along, while also chiming in on the open thread we'll have up so you can get questions in or give us your thoughts to chew on. For now, scour BN and ADQ because there's plenty going on this week with the nation's #13 team set for a Rose Bowl visit.