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BN Podcast, Take Two Open Thread

It's our second podcast and there's plenty to talk about. We'll recap last week's Stanford game and bring in jtlight from SBNation's excellent Oregon Ducks website, Addicted to Quack to answer some questions on this week's opponent. Have any comments or questions? Let us know here.

The podcast will be available to listen to live at 6:30 pm PDT and we will be on both the talkshoe chatroom and here on this open thread so you can send it in questions or comments and we'll do our best to work them into the show. If you can't get in here at 6:30 pm PDT, you can listen to the podcast whenever you'd like afterwards either by clicking play on the widget above or on iTunes, where we will post the podcast so you can take a piece on BN with you on your iPod. Last week's podcast is on iTunes, but takes about a day for ITunes to approve the podcast so tomorrow's will be available there by Wednesday evening.

We're still working on this and looking to get better so let us know what you think and what can be improved. We want this podcast to appeal to what it is you guys want from your UCLA podcast.