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[UPDATED] All Clear For Kevin Prince|Masoli Back At Practice

The Daily Bruin tweeted about an hour ago:

HOWARD: Quarterback Kevin Prince has been medically cleared to play on Saturday against Oregon.

I am assuming they are referring to coach Todd Howard. There is also confirmation from the official tweeter feed. AT has now the story up on its blog without attributing to a specific source:

UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince has been cleared to play against Oregon on Saturday after undergoing X-rays and a doctor’s examination today. He will start against Oregon, according to a source in the program.

Let's hope (knocking on wood) this will the last time Kevin will be seeing his doctors. Meanwhile, some news from Oregon about their QB.

Rob Mosely tweeted:

Jeremiah Masoli and T.J. Ward are suited up and participating to some extent today.

Either way sounds like some good news is coming perhaps for both teams. I am sure we will have more details later as we go through the day.


UPDATE (N): Per Rob Mosely of the Register Guard (who seems to have the best breaking news when it comes to Ducks) Mosely practiced in a limited role and as of now will be available as a "backup" on Saturday:

Masoli was in shells rather than full pads. He had an MRI on his injured right knee Tuesday, he said, and will meet with doctors Thursday for a complete diagnosis.

At this point Masoli said he knows only that the knee in bruised on the inside of the joint, in the area of the medial collateral ligament. He said cutting side to side was difficult, and though he said "I’ll be fine," he expects to back up Nate Costa against UCLA on Saturday.

"It’s always tough to watch when you’re a competitor," Masoli said. "One of the things that helps me out, though, is I’m in the quarterback room and I see Nate knows his stuff, too, so it’s not as concerning for me. It’s just, as a competitor you want to be out there to help your team."

Seems like a rather fluid situation to me. Also, it looks like Ducks are getting sophomore Anthony Gildon and true freshman Cliff Harris ready to step up for injured corner back Willie Glasper. Both of them were blue chip recruits out of California who had offers from programs such as U$C*. So Ducks are not losing much in terms of talent in the lineup.