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Center Court: Ben Ball (Humboldt State) Open Thread

<em>Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld</em>
Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

Half an hour to go till the Ben Ball warriors tip off in our second exhibition game of the season. Tonight we get to welcome JA and MR back in the lineup, who are taking on Humboldt State. You can read up on the Lumberjacks over here. Once again, if you don't know by now this game is not on TV. UCLA All-Access will carry this game online. You can get more details here.

Tonight's exhibition against the Lumberjacks has a deja vu feeling around it. Last time UCLA took on Humboldt State for an exhibition game was on November 9, 2006. That day on BN - just like we are doing today - we were celebrating the signing of another 5 star blue chip center from the Pacific Northwest. Okay to be technically accurarte KL sent in his LOI today. We haven't gotten the LOI from MS (that would be Mr. Smith) yet but you get the idea.

If you are watching the game on your computers tonight, share your quick takes, rapid commentary on our Ben Ball warriors right here on BN. Most importantly, if you can please post the game score updates in our game thread  as much as you. That way  rest of the BNers who can't follow the game anywhere else can get direct updates from you in our game thread. It will be much appreciated.

So let's get this party started. Fire away.