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Center Court: Ben Ball (Humboldt State) Second Half Thread

Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld
Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

Uh, I guess with our guards (JA and MR) back in action the Ben Ball warriors look just a little different tonight. Bruins are up against Humboldt State by a score of 41-34. If not for couple of missed dunks and missed FTs the margin would be higher. They were up by 10 pts couple of different times during the half. The ball movement is so much better tonight with JA running the point. He looks relatively healthy (knock on wood) as do MR. So far this half it looks like they have taken couple of steps forward after last week's sloppy outing.  DG filled up the box score with 11 pts, 4 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 4 steals.

Still they have lot more to work on. For the short term they will have to do a better job of playing interior defense in the second half and also rebound better. They were out rebounded by a margin of 11-24. That number will not be acceptable for CBH. He is going to be zoning in on that number during half time and also preach defense. We have a lot of work to do in that department.

Let's hope they can come out and keep improving in the second half and wrap things up setting themselves up in a decent frame of mine heading into season opener next week. Time for the second half thread. Fire away.