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Barnes2JJ = Prince2Rosario?

We never get tired of watching this:

And many of us have been thinking about that possibility of reincarnation of that kind of play through the exploits of Nelson Rosario. Now after last two games CRN is hoping for the same. From Jon Gold in the Daily News:

"Physically, both of them have a way to dominate," said Neuheisel of the 6-foot-5 Rosario and 6-4 Stokes. "They're going against kids who are not nearly their size. They both are so long and have such good body control that when covered, they still make plays."

Neuheisel first saw glimpses of it last season, Rosario's first for the Bruins after a standout career at El Camino High of Oceanside.

Against Stanford in Week 7 last season, Rosario made a sensational catch of a ball thrown way over his head, one of four grabs for 71 yards.

Earlier this season, against Kansas State in Week 3, Rosario had a highlight-reel, one-handed snag that wowed the crowd.

Following that catch against Kansas State Rosario seemed to be going through the motions just a bit. He wasn't making plays when he opportunities kept presenting themselves, as he was dropping TD passes and big receptions. However, something seem to click up in Corvallis and he has been in a very comfortable zone since then.

It's the same situation JJ went through his sophomore year in college when he didn't become the JJ we know until the second to last game of the regular season when he had a huge TD catch and run against Oregon up in Eugene.

Gold caught up with JJ who remembered what it was like for him in his second season at UCLA:

"Until you have that type of game, you're always like, `I knew I could do it,"' Stokes said. "It's almost like, see, I told myself it could be done. (After that) I would get off my classes and go grab lunch and do film on the defensive backs every day. I understood what they wanted to do and was able to take advantage of it. I just think that my intensity level stepped up.

"I tasted success and wanted more of it."

Well Rosario has definitely shown what he is capable of in last couple of games and in flashes since his arrival in Westwood. The question is whether Rosario can stay in the same zone. He thinks he can:

"The first game I got really comfortable, started feeling like how I used to feel in high school," Rosario said. "It gave me the confidence back that I can make plays on anybody. Before, I was trying to force stuff, trying to make sure I didn't blow my assignment. I'm playing a lot more comfortable now, relaxed."

Let's hope he can stay in that zone up in Pullman. If he can continue to develop that confidence it will be a huge boost for Prince and our offense. Just may be it will lead to moments inspiring new usernames with very special Bruin significance attached to it in very near future on BN.