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BN Gameday: Washington State Pre-game Thread

<em>Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">jgtitans (flickr)</a></em>
Photo Credit: jgtitans (flickr)

Don't forget to slide Kevin.

Our game doesn't get started till 2 pm PST. Just a reminder again that Fox College Sports (FCS) will air this game nationally LIVE with Steve Physioc and Yogi Roth in the booth and Samantha Steele on the sidelines. Physioc is generally horrible and I have no idea who Roth and Steele are. Prime Ticket will air a replay at 7 pm on Saturday tonight.

Anyway, while we are all waiting for our game to start, we can take in a lot of football to pass the time. Right now Michigan and Wisconsin are locked in a tight fight. Tennessee is visiting Ole Miss (also a tight game as the Vols are down 14-21 as I write this post). In about couple of hours we will have Iowa (playing w/o starting QB Stanzi) taking on tOSU (for the Big-10 title), Florida taking on USC, and Harbaugh, Gerhart and co will be squaring off against Chetey Petey's bunch in the Mosoleum. You can keep track of the scores here.

Meanwhile, if you are watching the game and share your quick takes, observations or pre game nervous musings, here is our open thread. Oh and don't forget to get your guesses in. We will close that thread when our game thread goes up (1:30 pm PST).