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BN: Washington State Second Half Thread

<em>ATV, Moore putting on their best effort since that game against Tennessee. Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">jgtitan (flickr)</a></em>
ATV, Moore putting on their best effort since that game against Tennessee. Photo Credit: jgtitan (flickr)

Let's start with the good news. Lot's of it:

Bruins did exactly what they needed to do in the first half. Our defense came out and absolutely throttled the Cougars from the outset blitzing and mixing up the coverage. They picked off the Marshall Lobbesteal 3 times in their first 3 drives and turned it into 14 points. Akeem had 2 of those picks

Prince looked efficient early on taking advantage of the TO and finding Embree in the end zone. Then he looked Cadesque scampering down the sideline for a 68 yard TD.

The Bruins are up by a score of 26-0. They are in full control of this game. Here is the boxscore. And oh BTW down in LA Stanford is currently humiliating humiliated Southern Cal on their "homecoming" game. Harbaugh's team is on their to bust Petey's streak of Pac-10 conference titles, BCS appearances, 11 game winning seasons, and demolishing that "dynasty."

So it is potentially shaping up to be a great Saturday for UCLA in Bruin Nation. However, Bruins can look much better than the scoreboard indicates. More after the jump.

We have committed some silly mistakes with penalties and two fumbles (one from Austin which luckily went out of bounce and one from Jet Ski which will surely cost him more PT). CRN mentioned at half time that Prince needs to settle down just a bit and not get too greedy. He needs to take what the defense is giving him instead of trying to make big plays every time out.

We get the ball first in second half. So we need to come out and play clean football, effectively put this game completely out of reach, and get out of Pullman with a big win. Yes, winning this game is a big deal for our program because it will keep the momentum we have enjoyed since Moore's spectacular pick from last Sat. Let's get it done. Thread away.