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Going Bowling? Football Open Thread (7 pm PST)

Needing only one more win to become bowl eligible, all eyes are on Saturday this week as the Bruins will take on Arizona St. in hopes of securing win number six. In tonight's podcast, we'll preview that game and bring in ASU Boyd from House of Sparky to help us get a grasp of the Sun Devils. Where's Dennis Erickson's program headed, who will be under center, what happened to the vaunted ASU run defense last week and what's up with all the penalties? We'll cover all that and more. We'll also review the Bruins' win in Pullman as we saw a Bruin team take care of business in a fashion all to rare in recent years. Saturday being Senior Day, we'll also take a look at the seniors who will play their final game at the Rose Bowl on Saturday.

The show goes live at 7 pm PST and you can listen live by clicking play above or you can listen afterward by clicking play or by checking out iTunes. This is your football podcast open thread so you can get your comments and questions in, which we'll look at work into the show.