Calling ALL Bruin Fans

I can't think of a bigger game for UCLA. Everyone should be at the Rose Bowl this Saturday


(courtesy of UCLA Athletics)


This could be the turning point for UCLA football... UCLA athletics, UCLA fans, UCLA everything.

Just how much does this mean? Well this is how much:

Let's look at the past few "Great Coaches"

  1. Pete Carroll 6-6, next year 11-2
  2. Bob Stoops 7-5 , next year 13-0 (National Champion)
  3. Les Miles 7-5, next year 11-2

Bowl Eligibility is the best way to start off any "good" coach's tenure, and we are 1 game away from that. That 1 game can be the difference from another Dorrellian spinout, and a great "empire".

Don't you want to be there? It is senior day. It is the day of pivotal importance.

Be at the Rose Bowl on Saturday

Leave me a comment if you are going!

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