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Rebounding From 0-1, Basketball Podcast Open Thread

That was a rough one. The Bruins fell at the hands of, gulp...Fullerton. It's only game one though. There are still plenty left to go, but UCLA will have to get better. What went wrong versus the Titans and what do the Bruins need to do to turn things around? We'll take a look at that, while also getting to the recruiting update that we hoped to get to last week, but ran out of time on. It's early, but there's plenty to talk about and we'll get to it all.

We'll also take any calls you have. You just need to follow these four steps:

1) Call (724) 444-7444

2) Enter the Call ID 68618 and press # afterward

3) When asked for your PIN, press 1#

4) Talk to us! 

Call on in and share your thoughts and questions. If you can't call in, use this thread to share any thoughts or questions and we'll work them in as well. You can listen to the show live beginning at 7 pm PST by clicking play in the box above and can listen to it anytime after the show by clicking that same play button or by heading over to iTunes.