Can we please just get RID of Simers?


From his Nov. 1st column: "When it comes to attending different sports events, it couldn't have been a safer situation to go to the bathroom without fear of missing anything. After all, UCLA's offense was on the field. You drink as much coffee as it takes to stay awake these days while the Bruins are trying to find the end zone, and you just have to go. So here it is, fourth quarter, a lollygagging Oregon State just mailing it in with a 19-3 lead, UCLA not throwing a touchdown pass in more than 295 minutes -- and an entire season is only 720 minutes. And I missed it -- the Bruins' first touchdown pass in 297 minutes 39 seconds, a xx-yard toss to Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, and darned if I know who caught it or how long it was." I know I'm not pointing out anything new, but geez... could he possibly be any more contemptuous and disrespectful to our guys on the field? What a pathetic waste of a journalism degree.

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