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BN Gameday: Arizona State Pre-game Thread

<em>Photo Credit: Telemachus</em>
Photo Credit: Telemachus

Here is to Logan Paulsen rumbling into the end zone.

We have less than two hours till our kickoff. The game is a nationally televised one on FSN (Prime Ticket in Los Angeles). We are going to have suffer through with Barry Tompkins and Michael Eaves. Have to say though I am actually interested iin hearing from Petro who will be doing color for this game. I generally like his commentary even though he has his Trojan moments.

As for games around the country obviously the topline game this afternoon is taking place right now in the Big House. The Wolverines are battling against the Buckeyes and showing a little bit of fight (down 10-21). Also, interesting score out of Miami where the Hurricanes are down 13-16 to the Duke Bluedevils. Yes, the Blue Devils can become "bowl eligible" with a victory in this game. Full scoreboard over here.

So if you are watching other games this am, share your quick takes, observations or pre game nervous musings, here is our open thread. As always don't forget to get your guesses in. We will close that thread when our game thread goes up (around 12:45 pm PST).