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BN Gameday: Arizona State Second Half Thread

<em>Akeem playing like a heat seeking missile. Photo Credit: Telemachus</em>
Akeem playing like a heat seeking missile. Photo Credit: Telemachus

Bruins are up by a score of 20-7 (boxscore) thanks to a reversal of last year's game against ASU. Last year it was ASU's defense scoring 4 TDs to win the game. So far in the first half today it's the Bruin defense (despite having some rough moments against the run) that has come up big in the first half by scoring 2 huge defensive TDs giving us the lead.

ATV is having a memorable senior day so far with a pick 6 setting the tone for the game and then recovering a fumble. Akeem Ayers is on fire wreaking havoc from the edge and then scoring an incredible TD in a fumble recovery. Still think our defense needs to sharpen up more especially against the rushing attack.

As for on offense we have had some good moments. We put together a nice drive, however it ended with a FG. Kevin Prince has been in rhythm at times and given how he is scrambling for tough yards, it looks like he is slowly emerging as the heart and soul of this offense. Still we need to really cut down on penalties (killed at least couple of our drives) in the second half. There is still a long way to go in this game.

Let's hope we can play with the same fire and emotion but play smarter on both sides of the field in second half. Time for the second half thread.